Article 1 : Legal Informations

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Article 2 - General terms and conditions application

Agreement by the client

These general conditions of sales are strictly applied to all the online sales contracts agreements with Grands Bourgognes on the website and prevail over all the other general conditions, exept acceptances writen by Grands Bourgognes. With ordering, the customer accepts completely and wholehearted the following dispositions.

Presentation of the products

The characteristics of the proposed for sales products are described on the website or on the paper base, in french laguage. The products are conforming to the french legislation and the customer has to self inform about the legislation of the foreign country in case of delivery out of mainland France. No photographs,drawing,..., shall be deemed to constitute part of any contract. Grands Bourgognes would not be responsible if any errors occur.

Article 3 - Order

These offers are reserved exclusively for private clients and are limited to the available stock. The offers on the website are reserved to the private clients. For professionnals, Grands Bourgognes provide a dedicated commercial service (Contact : Due to the specificity of the activity and to the online sale on the website, all the offers presented by Grands Bourgognes (Internet or paper catalogue, mail, fax, letter, etc…), are included in the limit of the availables stocks, without engagement and sales currently in the process of being registered exepted. Futhermore, in view of the rare and speculative nature of certain products, restrictions on the quantity available for each home can be applied (same name, same adress).

Order Taking

The customer choose the products and the services desired then transmit his order from an order form available on the website with following the instructions. The acceptance of the general conditions of sales is formalised during this process,by clicking on the « order confirmation » button and the order is considerated as definitive during the full payment. The informations provided by the client prove the client agreement.

Order validation

An order valdiation is sent to the mail adress of the client provided during the order. In case Grands Bourgognes could not ensure all or a part of the client order for the reasons indicated above (cf. Article 3, « Offers are reserved exclusively for private clients and are limited to the available stock»), the client will be contacted as soon as possible to consider a replacement solution.

Article 4 - Price

The price, mentioned in euros on the order button, is definitive, including all taxes and including the VAT in effect at the time of the sale. The prices of the products include the normal fee of handling, packing and conservation. The transportation costs in case of delivery ensured by par Grands Bourgognes are clearly indicated, in addition, as well as the specific delivery in case of particular requests.

Article 5 - Payment & Billing

The payment of the products and the services is by credit card with the secured process implemented on the website. The client agree to provide all the required informations for the online secured payment. A receipted invoice raising the differents elements of the order will be send by Grands Bourgognes to the client as soon as the bilis paid. We do not store credit card numbers of our clients.

Article 6 - Removal, Delivery & Receipt

Without a delivery request, the client will have choose the removal of the products from the shop, possibly by an other person he may have designated, within a reasonable time. By default, the client will be warned and, when appropriate, cautioned. In case of delivery request specified by the client, Grands Bourgognes commit to do all it can i order to deliver the products forthwith. The average delays are precised and may vary according the destination place chosen by the client. Any delay in delivery will not be subject to interest nor to retention or cancellation of the order in process. However, if one month after the writen claim of the client relating the late, the products are still not delivered, the sale could be solved on the initiative of one or both parts, by registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt. The client will get the restitution of his payment excluding any indemnity or damages/ interest, at latest within one month. Delivery shall be effected by providing the goods directly to the recipient, at the adress provided by the client or, in the event of absence, by opinion of provision. On the delivery of the products, the recipient should check the packages. In case of problems noted (error, missing, degradation, ...), the client shall have a period of 48 hours in which to , by writing with describing precisely the noted situation, make an eventual damage claim to the carrier. The client will transmit a copy to Grands Bourgognes, which acts as soon as possible to find a solution. The transportation costs will depend of the number of bottles, in 0,75l equivalent. For instance, a magnum (150 cl) is the equivalent of 2 bottles (2 X75 cl). Please refer to the current fee schedule bellow. Unless otherwise stated, the transportation costs are always payable by the client. The website deliver the sold products only near metropolitan France. No shipment is ensured beyond these geographical areas. The carriers partner of Grands Bourgognes are Colissimo and Geodis Calberson. Shipment from monday to thursday, except bank holidays and closed days at Grands Bourgognes. Indeed, no order wil be shipped the friday to avoid a whole weekend inappropriate storage of our good at our carrier. The order placed the weekend, bank holidays or closed days will be validated the next first working day.

Article 7 - Withdrawal option

In accordance with national legislation regulating the mail order, the client shall have a period of 7 clear days beginning with the date of his order reception to return the product to Grands Bourgognes, for exchange or refunding without penalty except for the expenses of return. These arrangements are not applicable to orders including personalised or specific demands from the customer (special formats, personalised packaging,...). If the 7 days delay would expire a sunday or another bank holidays or closed day, the delay would be continued to the next first working day. The item must be returned as new ( unopened bottles, caps and labels free from damages) along with its original packaging and its original bill. The risks incurred by the products during a return process to the website should be assumed by the client.

Article 8 - Transfer of risk & title clause

The transfer of risk is operating upon the removal from the shop or the delivery of the products if this one is ensured by Grands Bourgognes. The products remain the Grands Bourgognes property until their total removal.

Article 9 - Applicable Law - Dispute & Compétent Court

The contract is sujectedto the french law. The complaints or the contestings will be carefully considered. In case of dispute, one amicable solution will always be favoured. Failing amicable agreement, The Court of Dijon Trade wil be competent.

Article 10 : Computing, Files& Freedom

Safety of the references of your credit card

All the banking informations provided by the client on the website are nor stored or visible on the Internet. Similarly, these banking informations are nor stored or visible on the server of the website Regarding these elements, the client is requested to enter his banking informations for every order. Grands Bourgognes ensure your banking datas safety thanks to the CyberPlus system from the Banque Populaire. The payment security is based on the authentification of the trader (Cyberplus Payment certificat submitted by the Banque Populaire), on the confidentiality and integrity of data exchanged. The banking cards number thus never circulate as clear datas on the Internet. Each transaction is associated to an allowing request made with the banking network, which check the card exists, is not in a cancelled check and than the client account is solvent. Before every payment by credit card, Cyberplus Payment authentificate the trader website thanks to a certificate submitted by his Banque Populaire during the installation. During the differents exchanges between the trader, the internaut and the payment server, the datas never circulate clearly on the network but are encrypted thanks to the SSL Protocol, a key or a lock appears on the internaut browser. In that respect,The banking card number stay confidential.

Privacy respect

Concerned by your privacy protection, Grands Bourgognes handle all the informations which concern you with the strictest confidentiality. Only the required informations are requested : your name, your personnal or professionnal adress, your mail and, if you order by credit card, the number and the expiry date of the credit card.

The security of personal information

According to the Data Protection Act of January 6th, 1978 modified in 2004, you have at any time, a right of access, rectification, opposition and deletion to all of your personal data by writing a letter to Grands Bourgognes - Chemin de Saule - ZA Le Saule – 21220 Brochon. Grands Bourgognes ensure your personal data will not be passed on to third parties.

Article 11 : Intellectual Property

Grands Bourgognes is the producer and the owner of all or part of databases composing the website and the datas (texts, pictures, design, logos, icons,...) are protected by the copyrights. Any reproduction, even partial is forbidden.

Article 12 : Reward points

1/ Aquisition of the points :

You start earning reward points for every order, outside the promotional period (wine fair, sale season,...), placed on the website Scale of the Aquisition of the points: 1€ = 1 point For every euro spend TTC (excluding costs of delivery), you will receive one earnings point.

2/ Points use :

You can freely convert your reward point from 500 accumulated points. Scale of the points conversion: 100 points for 5 euros Your points can not be used for pay the shipping cost, nor in complement of a promotionnal code, nor during the promotionnal periods

3/ Examples :

Product A 2 x 100€ 200€
Product B 1 x 250€ 250€
Shipping cost 0€
Total = 450€
Acquired points = 450 Pts
Product A 2 x 100€ 200€
Product B 1 x 100€ 100€
Shipping cost 15€
Total = 315€
Acquired points = 300 Pts (Total 315€ - 15€ of shipping)
Product A 2 x 15€ 30€
Product B 1 x 25€ 25€
Shipping cost 0€ 12€
Use of 500 reward points discount of 25€
Total = 42€
Acquired points acquis = 30 Pts (Total 67€ - 12€ of shipping - 25€ of reward points)